Decal Application and Care

How to Apply Your Decal
1. Clean the surface.
Clean the surface you are going to apply the decal to with rubbing alcohol. After cleaning, make sure that the surface is smooth and completely dry.

2. Separate the decal from the backing paper.
Second step is to flip the decal over and carefully remove the white (or blue) backing paper from the transfer tape (transparent material). Keep in mind that your decal will now be stuck to the transfer tape.

3. Line the decal up on the desired surface.
Apply the decal on the desired surface. You may start from either the center of the decal or with one side to the other. Ensure the decal is fully adhered by rubbing it with a squeegee, credit card or any hard flat material that can remove the air trapped below the surface.

4. Remove the transfer tape.
Lift one edge of the transfer tape (transparent material) carefully and slowly on top of the decal. If the decal still sticks to the transfer tape while lifting, simply lay the clear piece back down and rub some more.

How to Care for Your Decals
1. Hand wash with warm and soapy water (for regular and premium decals only).
2. No direct scraping or hard scrubbing.
3. Do not soak and do not wipe with harsh chemicals.

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